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Vim is COOL!

Just one of those days. I have a large page in XWiki format and I want to add a column to a lot of lines in a table, but not to all lines. I also want that column to contain a counter and I don’t want to keep typing the rest of the day myself.

Enter VIM and it’s scripting capabilities.

I guess you know about mapping keys. So I can say at the “:” prompt something like this:

map <F5> iHello<Esc>j

But now I want to add a counter variable and have it inserted. It is at first not so obvious but the result is this:

map <F5> 0i\|<C-r>=g:c<Enter><Esc>:let g:c=g:c+1<Enter>j

it maps F5 to the following sequence:

  • 0 (zero) means beginning of line
  • i means insert
  • \| means | character
  • ´╗┐<C-r>= means insert variable
  • g:c means global variable c
  • let g:c=g:c+1 means off course add 1 to global variable c

Guess what, it works!