New progress report Jira-LibrePlan connector (with timesheets!)


It’s been some time since my last update. Miciele is still working hard to get our Jira-LibrePlan connector working.

In this post I will show some new screenshots and tell you where we are heading.

Sofar we can import Jira issues into LibrePlan as separate WBS items. (see earlier post). After setting up a sync you can not change the label in LibrePlan to prevent people from really screwing up the WBS contents:

After a sync the WBS is filled with the summaries of Jira issues:

Now we can import the worklogs from jira to generate a monthly timesheet based on the work done on these issues.

So the timesheet list looks like this:

Now, from this list, we can select a sepatate montly timesheet from someone. That one looks like this:

Thing is, when LibrePlan imports worklogs from users that are known in Jira but not yet known in LibrePlan. Off course auto-create would be nice. But it has some drawbacks. After some thinking we decided to start this release with giving an error message:

So now you know which users/resources you have to add to LibrePlan.

Are we done yet?

Actually, no. We need to cleanup stuff, document it and write some unit-tests. We plan to send our first attempt for a patch somewhere in the next week (october 1st-7th 2012).

After a succesfull merge we will continue with trying to get it connected to a product called Timn Enterprise from a Dutch company called Aenova.