LibrePlan Jira connector progress

The importing of Jira issues into orderlines is working nicely. Off course it is entirely possible to tag a Jira issue with more than one label and thus have the same issue appear in more than one project in LibrePlan, but we blame that on the stupidity of the user 🙂

We are now working on building a monthly timesheet filled with Jira worklogs. We link the Jira userid with the id of the resource in LibrePlan. Off course it is possible that the resources does not yet exist. Off course we could auto-create it, but actually we can’ t because, even if we know the username from Jira, who will tell us what part is the firstname and what part is the lastname? So we decided to build it as follows: if a resource exist all is fine (duh), otherwise we will display an error message. It is a non-fatal error, so all correct worklogs will be stored, or replaced if they already exist.

If this seems to work fine we will supply the patch after making some unit-tests and documentation. After that we will go ahead with some more wishes we have. One of them is sending the timsheets to our timesheetprogram from Aenova using Soap. Somehow there are still hills to climb there.

We will keep you informed. Till next time.

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thanks for the info.

any timelines as to when this will be available as part of the Libreplan release.


Hi Kiran,

Actually no. Miciele is working on it and it works but we are still developing.
Currently we are working on the timesheets.
After completion we will send a patch for inclusion to the libreplan developers.
My current guestimate is that it could be included in 1.4.
But like I said, it’s a guestimate.

Kind regards,

Jeroen Baten

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