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LibrePlan, behind the scenes

It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost about LibrePlan, but apart from that things have been very busy. There is some behind-the-scenes stuff going on that I hope I can share with you all somewhere in the future. Now I would like to write about the things that have happened since my last post.

It is a lot. I spoke about LibrePlan at the NLUUG conference, at the SPIder foundation meeting, both located in the Netherlands. I just uploaded my presentation to SlideShare so you can all find it here.

I talked with companies (email or conferencecall) in several countries (US, Spain, France, ┬áNetherlands) who are considering to implement LibrePlan and even gave a couple of demo’s using Skype and GotoMeeting.

I talked to a couple of companies who wanted to have some extra functionality build into LibrePlan and we shared some great ideas.

So, simply put, there is a lot going in behind the scenes.